Gitzo’s New Products at Photokina 2018

During Photokina 2018 we had a chance to visit the Gitzo booth and take a look at some of the new products that the company announced for the show with the help of Valentina (who also showed us some interesting new products at the adjacent Manfrotto booth – video coming soon).

Gitzo has always been known for making high-end quality tripods and photographic accessories and they seemed to continue this tradition in the show this year. The company released 6 new products (and showcased many more including several “newish” products announced earlier in 2018).

The products that Valentina demonstrated to us were the:

* Gitzo 2 way fluid head
* Gitzo mini traveler (tabletop tripod)
* Gitzo century camera sling strap
* Gitzo century camera neck strap
* Gitzo century camera hand strap
* Gitzo century camera wrist strap

As well as 3 products that are already available:

Already announced in 2018:
* Gitzo Adventury 30L camera backpack (announced earlier in 2018).
* Gitzo Adventury 45L camera backpack (announced earlier in 2018).
* Gitzo Gimbal Fluid Head

We especially liked the Gitzo 2 way fluid head which is really compact and can be great not just for birdwatchers but as a lightweight general purpose fluid head it is made out of magnesium body, weighs just over 0.5 kg (1.3 lb) and can support a payload of up to 4 kg (8.8 lb) which is pretty impressive for such a light head. The head support Arca Swiss style plates and has friction controls for each axis

The head will start selling soon for just under $320.

The Gitzo 2 way fluid head (without the handle)

The second product which we found to be very interesting is the new mini tripod. It comes in two color schemes (black and grey) and has a set of legs which has two positions (higher up and more open) which you can change by pulling each leg (really cool actually and it is a patent pending Gitzo technology). These small tripods might look tiny but they are actually pretty strong and with the head (which also has a nice way of locking/unlocking as you can see in the video) can carry about 3kg (6.6 lb) which is not bad for something that small (they only weigh 9.35 oz or under 300 grams).

The mini traveler will sell for just under $200 – this might look pretty steep but they do sell with a Gitzo head which is quite expensive on its own and are made from Carbon Fiber and they do feel very well made.

The new Gitzo mini traveler 

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