Glif Smartphone Holder Review

Smartphones have become the most prominent tool for taking pictures in recent years and image quality on these devices keeps getting better.

Even for professional photographers who still use dedicated cameras for shooting smartphones are becoming increasingly important for controlling different types of accessories as well as the cameras themselves.

However, if you don’t want to keep holding your smartphone, having some sort of a mount can be extremely useful. There are an endless number of mounts that you can buy but finding one which is compact, well built, convenient to use and has a strong grip isn’t easy.

Super secure smartphone holder with a smart lock mechanism

Enters the Glif Smartphone Mount. This project started early in this decade and the most recent iteration went on Kickstarter in mid-2016. The unit is made of hard plastic and includes an interesting internal locking mechanism which is very effective and can lock any smartphone (with a case to some degree) very tightly.

The Glif can lock onto any smartphone ranging from 6cm (just under 2.5″) and up to 10cm (about 4″) and has a rubberized internal grip.

Besides the locking mechanism, the most interesting part of this unit is the triple mounting points. These three 1/4″ 20 threads exist on three of the sides of the unit and will allow you to mount your smartphone in both vertical and horizontal position but also leave you two free point for connecting other accessories.

Many options for connecting accessories (our setup wasn’t that ideal actually)

In this way, you can connect a mic or a small LED as well as a handle which studio neat – the company behind Glif – are selling.

We love the idea that you can connect a small quick release plate to the Glif and easily connect our smartphone to a tripod or monopod whenever we want to have it in front of us – especially for controlling the something like our Syrp Genie mini, but also for a few other photo and video related apps that we use on a regular basis.

After using the Glif for about two months we can definitely say that the design seems to work well, the unit has a solid build and a very secure grip and the triple mount is very versatile and better than other designs that we played with. If you are looking for a high-quality smartphone holder you should give the Glif a chance – it sells on Amazon for just under $28.

The Glid original Kickstarter video

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