Godox GM6S – 5.5″ Ultra Bright Camera Monitor First Look Second Godox monitor brings new touch interface and daylight viewbility

Godox has just introduced a new 5.5-inch high brightness monitor called the Godox GM6S which includes a number of important improvements over its existing GM55 monitor announced last year.

A step up from the GM55

The original GM55 was introduced in mid-2021 and was the first field monitor by Godox as part of the company’s goal to expand its line of products into new areas (the company is also producing a whole range of audio gear and many vlogging accessories).

We tested the GM55 last august and found it to be a very useful monitor, with a nice design, decent interface and connectivity, and lots of useful tools for monitoring your shots. There were however a few things that we wanted to see and were not included in that monitor but it seems that Godox really listened to our ideas and integrated many of them into this new upgraded design.

The new Godox GM6S

Godox GM6S

What’s new with the Godox GM6S

The GM6S brings quite a few new features to the table compared to the GM55. Here are the main ones:

  • High brightness panel – 1080p IPS 5.5″ with 1200nit.
  • USB-C power – besides the DC and L battery power options the GM6 can be powered via USB-C.
  • New touch interface – a new GUI with simpler menus and navigation.
  • Camera control – while the GM55 had some degree of camera control the GM6S

Besides these, you also get SD card with Luts support, fanless silent operation, HDMI in and out (1.4), four customizable buttons and an on/off button. 3.5mm jack for audio monitoring and two 1/4″ 20 threads (with Arri pin holes) for mounting on the lower part and the right side of the monitor as well as a DC in and out (for camera power via dummy battery).

Godox GM6S New power options

Godox GM6S New power options

Besides that, you get a whole range of tools for focus and exposure including focus assist, zebras, waveforms, video aspect, grids, markers, audio meters, false colors, zoom, pixel to pixel, and even a monochrome option.

The camera control option will require an additional cable (sold separately and dependent on your camera brand/model) but should include at least some of the following options: stills and video shooting, auto-focus, ISO, aperture, and shutter control.

Godox GM6S new touch interface

Godox GM6S new touch gui interface

Pricing and availability

We are still not sure when the Godox GM6S will start selling (possibly in the next few weeks) but the pricing will be around $330.

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