Godox 1X1 LD75R, LD150RS & 1X2 LD150R RGB LED Panels The first pro RGB panel from Godox

Godox has been making so many products recently that we have a hard time tracking all of them. Although the company has now several generations of very successful LEDs, large advanced RGB panels are not something the company looked into until now with 3 new 1X1 and 1X2 panels called LD75R, LD150RS, and LD150R.

We have been looking at several of Godox recent COBs in the past few months (including the ML-60 and the very interesting SZ150R COB RGB LED) and over the past few years, the company created a very extensive line of COBs and more recently tube lights as well. The new family of LD lights we shall look at today is the company’s entry into pro-level RGB panels.

The three new Godox LD series RGB panel lights

The three new Godox LD series RGB panel lights


The smallest light in the new line is the 1×1 75W RGB LED

This light can take an optional single v-battery of 14.8V (the other two require more powerful 26V batteries), has a color temperature range of 2500-8500K with green and magenta correction, a beam angle of 60 degrees. It has a silent mode (we are not sure by how much it cuts the output though, it does have two large fans in the back) and CRI of 96 and TLCI of 97.

It can be controlled via BT (via the Godox light app), DMX, or remote has a weight of 3.5kg (7.7lbs) and a size of 441mmx410mmx107mm.

All three of the LD lights have CCT, RGB, HSI, and FX modes plus an extensive gel library (including ROSCO and LEE gels). All 3 can also accept optional softbox and honeycomb “filter” (barn doors are included in the kit).

All of the lights have a lock bottom and 4 preset buttons as well as a large color monitor on the back.

The specs for the other two lights are basically identical to the LD75R aside from those that we noted below which are different.


This 1×1 150W RGB LED panel is 542x513x107mm in size and weighs in at 6.3kg (13.9lbs). It has very similar specs to the LD75R, however, it is significantly more powerful than you would expect with an official output of 18,500 LUX at 1m away.


The last light in this series (at the moment) is the larger LD150R which is 748mmx430mmx107mm in size but only weighs in at 5.1kg (or 11.2lbs). It is also a 150W light but it is actually slightly less bright with an official rating of 17,500 LUX at 1m away.


When it comes to pricing the Godox LD75R sells for $800, the Godox LD150RS sells for $990, and the larger Godox LD150R for just under $1000.

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