Godox TL180 RGBWW Long Tube Light: First Look Long RGBWW tube light from Godox

Godox continues to announce new products and this time around we have a new and ultra-long member of its TL line of tube lights – the Godox TL180.

The Godox TL180

Godox recently expanded its line of tube lights with a long tube light called the Godox TL180. This battery-powered light source includes several advanced features that can be very useful on location.

The light has a temperature range going all the way from 2700K to 6500K with an official CRI/TLCI rating of 96/98. The unit can be controlled locally using 7 physical buttons and a small monitor on the back or using a Bluetooth app for smartphones or DMX control as well as a 2.4 GHz radio control with an optional RC-R9 remote (that has a wireless range of 60m/197 feet and 32 channels and 6 groups).

The TL180 has a rechargeable internal battery that can power the unit for up to 150 minutes at full power. You can freely switch between LED bi-color mode, RGB mode, and 39 special effects modes.

The TL180 comes with a power bricker and power cord as well as clips and adaptor holders to hold the lights and a metal security cable. You can also purchase either 2 or 4-tube light holder for the light.

We have tested the shorter brother to this light – the TL30 in the past and you can see what we think of it here.

The TL180 – what’s in the box (and a couple of optional accessories)


Who needs the TL180?

Short and medium size tube lights are very flexible and can be used on many different productions (we use 30cm and 60cm tube lights often for shooting product commercials). Long tube lights – especially a giant one light this new 180cm / 5.9 foot long TL180 is a different story and has more specific use cases.

While it can be used off camera to be placed in areas where larger lights won’t fit (think ceilings, above doorways, etc.), the most common use for these “tall boys” are on camera, especially for things like music videos and ultra-modern or futuristic looking scenes with colored lights in different shapes using several units put together.

Indeed one of the special features of the TL180 is the ability to change colors to the rhythm of music which can certainly be useful for these types of productions.

A light tunnel made from TL180 tubes from a Godox promotional video



The official price of the Godox TL180 will be available soon for just under $430.

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