Gudsen New Mimic Motion Control – Lets You Do Magic with Your Gimbal

Chinese gimbal manufacturer Gudsen released a firmware update a few weeks ago to their Moza Air stabilizer that gives the unit a really unique feature – using a small remote mounted on a set of handle bars you can move your camera smoothly in every direction fast or slow in great precision.

Motorized gimbals are becoming a must tool for videographers these days and more and more interesting features are becoming available for these accessories. Gudsen’s latest update brings a very special capability that we have not seen on other gimbals so far.

While you can control a gimbal mounted on a tripod for example with a remote on many other gimbals or from an app on almost all of the units that we have tested, being able to control it in the way that you see in the video above seems much more natural and smooth.

One thing that is not clear to us at this point is how much control do you have over the speed of the movement – for example we would like to see the ability to set the device to only move slowly (or at least not above a certain rate) to make sure the movement is fluent and not “jumpy”.

We shall be releasing a review of the Zhiyun-Tech Crane v2 gimbal in the next few weeks and we are hoping to have a chance to test this new feature of the Moza Air later on.

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Iddo Genuth
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