SteadXP+ Camera Stabilization System

Jeff Loch from Cinema 5D got an early look at a super interesting upcoming product called the SteadXP+ developed by Adrien Farrugia and Nicolas Munsch (from a company with the same name). This product is an advanced smart stabilization system for (almost) any camera on the market and according to the early tests Cinema 5D did – the results are almost hard to believe.

Some of the most recent action cameras from GoPro and DJI have some fantastic stabilization inside (part software part hardware), this is great but these cameras have small sensors – there are very few (if any) cameras with large sensors and a very good image stabilization built-in (Olympus and Panasonic are the leaders in this category with companies such as Sony way behind).

But what if you can add a small device on top of your camera and get the same level of stabilization on your A7III or even Arri camera as you would get with the latest GoPro? well, this is exactly what the SteadXP+ was designed to do. It uses advanced gyroscopes and accelerometers and a smart software to stabilize your footage in post and as long as your camera records sound during video shooting (you can externally record although this might complicate things a bit) you can more or less use any camera that you want (specific camera/lens combos are being added all the time but typically wider lenses will do better and you might need to shoot wider by 15-20% since the software will crop your shot).

The SteadXP+ is really small and compact, it sits on top of the camera (the 3.5mm jack needs to face left at all times for it to work) and connects using a mic cable. In post you bring in the info from the SteadXP+ (saved on a microSD card) and the SteadXP+ software will match it to your videos from the camera and you have different control options over the stabilization or you can choose that the software will do all the work by itself (which it seems to do pretty well according to Loch.

At the moment the SteadXP+ is still in pre-production but you can pre-order one for $310.

We do want to add something here – the SteadXP+ looks remarkable, but we really have to ask how is this innovation coming from a two-person company and not built into the next Sony/Canon/Nikon/Fuji cameras? these companies really need to step up on their innovation.

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