Mirfak Audio WE10 Pro Dual Channel Wireless Microphone a new dual mic wireless unit with self recording

Mirfak Audio, a new audio brand from Gudsen (the same company responsible for Moza) recently announced a new wireless microphone solution called the WE10 Pro that has dual transmitters and has some backup options built-in.

Mirfak Audio a new player in the portable audio market

The audio solution segment of the market is starting to become extremely crowded in recent years with more and more players coming up with competing solutions and lowering prices. If several years ago it was difficult to find a decent wireless mic system at sub $500 price tag today you can find dual systems at far lower prices.

The new WE10 Pro is actually an upgraded version of the original WE10 unit. It comes with the transmitter and a single receiver (a pretty popular configuration these days and ideal for interview setups)

The WE10 Pro units are fairly large but since they contain a build-in recorder and SD card slot (support up to 64GB) it should be considered as a multi-task recorder/transmitter.

The WE10 Pro has both an internal mic and a 3.5mm jack (this isn’t the locking type connector so you need to be careful about accidental disconnects) and you will have to provide your own lav mic for this (which might be a good thing as it keeps the price of the system low and given the quality of most entry-level lav mics on these systems it might not be a bad decision).

The WE10 and WE10 PRO units

The WE10 and WE10 PRO units

Main features

Here is a list of the main features of the new WE10 Pro:

  • Each transmitter automatically backs up the audio while recording to an SD card.
  • Each wireless transmitter has a built-in Omni-directional Microphone and a dual-channel compact receiver.
  • Each unit has a 2.4GHz Digital Wireless system (with automatic frequency changing technology).
  • The system has a max range of 50m.
  • Each unit has a 3.5mm input jack for an external microphone.
  • Each unit can be charged via USB-C and has a 5h battery life (transmitter) and 8h (receiver).
  • The receiver has an information screen for visual power and audio monitoring.

Pricing and availability

The new WE10 Pro is another option that is now available for content creators, vloggers, and streamers who need a simple inexpensive dual wireless system.

The WE10 Pro is already available from the Mirfak audio for $250.

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