Hands On with MoVI Pro Gimbal

FreeFly Systems recently introduced the new advanced version of its gimbal called MoVI Pro and pro shooter Chase Jarvis looks at some of the capabilities of this advanced gimbal with FreeFly Systems founder Tabb Firchau.

The new MoVI Pro Gimbal looks like a very impressive filmaking tool. I is lightweight, has a built in stand and a place for batteries and accessories like a monitor etc. It can also work with a controller which has full control of RED cameras – allowing either the operator or a second operator to handle the shoot (while the first walks with the unit).

One of the interesting design features of the MoVI Pro is the new internal cable routing. This design not only looks nicer externally (less cable clutter) but it’s also less likely to catch on nearby objects when moving a large camera on the gimbal.

As for pricing – and this is kind of surprising considering what we are talking about here (just think of the price of something much simpler even a few years back in Hollywood) you are looking at a handheld or aerial work unit at around $6,500 – no small change but certainly affordable for high end video and film work (renting houses will also have units available soon).

The introduction video of the MoVI Pro Gimbal (published last month)



This isn’t the first time that we look at some of the advanced gimbals FreeFly System make. In the past we published several videos on the Movi M10 including a behind the scenes video.

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