7 Tips for Taking your Gimbal Shots to the Next Level These tips can add a lot of production value to your next clip

This quick video shows 7 different shots that you can easily do with a gimbal. It was posted on the Zhiyun-Tech YouTube channel and while certainly meant to promote the brand it does have some useful tips.

Simple Gimbal moves

The following are seven gimbal moves demonstrated in the above video. The names are not necessarily the best but at least some of the ideas shown are pretty useful.

  • Gimbal Hyperlapse – shooting hyperlapse videos is nothing new (see our previous coverage on the topic from 6 years back), it can be done in many ways, like while driving a car or bike, or moving a tripod but you can also do this by shooting still images every few seconds or so with a gimbal.
  • Gimbal Stop motion – This is a different twist on the same concept but here you shoot in continuous mode and move while also shooting movement and slow down in post and add warp stabilizer – this creates a pretty cool effect.
  • Down/up hero shot – keep the gimbal low to the ground and looking down and move forward and slowly going up and looking at your “hero” (you can also reverse in post).
  • Out to in focus – this one is classic, get your subject in focus and set the focus to manual, start shooting and move backward. In post reverse, the move and you get a perfect in docus subject shot (make sure you have no objects that move in the background, you don’t want cars driving in reverse in your final shot).
  • Next level follow shot – there is nothing too special here just a few tips on making a better follow shot – you can shoot in something like a narrow street or tunnel, get close to your subject and accelerate as you do so, and maybe tilt the gimbal and zoom in post.
  • POV mode – put your gimbal in POV mode and now you can move your gimbal not just the camera and while moving around the subject – great for action scenes.
  • Hero shot 2 – twist the gimbal in different ways and move around your subject as he or she moves – this can result in some cool shots.

Bonus Video: Steve Wright (Learn Online Video) with 10 basic gimbal moves you must know

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In the past, we already posted several videos dedicated to different gimbal techniques and moves including “10 Special Cinematic Gimbal Moves” by Parker Walbeck and Landon Bytheway from fulltimefilmmaker.

You can watch more HDSLR and video techniques on our dedicated HDSLR channel here on LensVid.

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