Head to Head Mid Range Lav Mic Comparison

On this video, photographer Curtis Judd does a blind comparison of two mid range Lav microphones. This is the first part of an interesting review (the second part is below) that takes a look at a somewhat less familiar Lav mic.

Listening to the the two microphones we have to admit that we were incapable of hearing any significant differences and both microphones sounded very similar. Also notice that Judd was recording this using the new Tascam DR-60DmkII (you can see the red front handles) – this is the first time we see any video test of the new recorder. We did a coverage of some of the new recorders by Tascam recently including the 60DmkII and it will be interesting to see a head to head comparison between it and the older model.

The head to head mid range Lav mic review



Here are the 2 microphones that were used in the test:

Judd was also impressed by the sound quality of the HMNSound but being a boutique mic it also has some disadvantages compared to a mic from a large manufacturer.
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