How to Protect Your Floors when Moving a Light Stand with Tennis Balls

Our friend and colleague Udi Tirosh from DIYPhotography recently published a simple DIY tip for anybody who has a tripod or a light stand and hate the stains they leave on the floor.

This is a really simple tip – if you have either a light stand or even a tripod which tend to leave stains and scratches on your floor – one simple solution is to get 3 tennis balls – open them up with a cutting knife and put the ball on the end of each leg. According to Tirosh they will not scratch the floor any more and will not slip – simple DIY which cost close to nothing.

If you are into DIY related photography projects we have just recently published two videos – one on how we created an overhead camera rig using off the shelf components and the second, more recent one deals with how we created our own DIY video rig/cage we use for shooting here on LensVid.

You can check out many more photography related DIY projects on our dedicated subsection here on LensVid.

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