IBC 2018 – First Look at the Deity Wireless Connect kit

During IBC 2018 Deity showcases their upcoming wireless connect kit. This system which is still in development brings some interesting features to the table especially for those looking for a kit that can record dual mics at the same time using a single receiver in a relatively affordable way. The Newsshooter team were on IBC this year and spoke to Deity about this interesting new product in the video above.

The Deity Wireless Connect kit features two transmitters and a single dual channel receiver. The receiver features two antennae for each transmitter – one of them is internal and the other external (so you have 4 in all making for much better reception/transmission).

All the new units come with an internal battery which charges over USB-C (Deity actually claim a battery life of about 10 hours which is pretty great). If you like you can also change the transmitters to a lower power mode for preserving battery if you are operating at closer ranges (the official range is 30m/100ft indoors or 100m/300ft outdoors – in optimal conditions).

The Deity Wireless Connect uses adaptive frequencies (2.4Ghz band). This is somewhat similar to the Sennheiser AVX (which we tested here), however, unlike the AVX it does require a few manual settings (the AVX is 100% plug and play – or should we say turn on and record), but this might give the user a little bit more control.

Another interesting feature of the Deity Wireless Connect is that it is bi-directional. This means that the operator can change specific transmitter settings from the receiver (Gain, low cut, high-frequency boost etc.), so no need to physically go to each transmitter and change these settings which can be very useful in live events.

Actual synching is done either wirelessly or via USB-C and each transmitter includes an industry standard 3.5mm locking jack so you can use Deity’s own lavs or one of many 3’rd party ones.

The receiver is lightweight and includes both 1/4″ 20 and 3/8 connectors for mounting to cages (or hotshoes with an adaptor).

As for pricing an availability – this kit (receiver, 2 transmitters plus 2 lavaliers) will be available as a kit around winter or early spring 2019 for about $800.

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Iddo Genuth
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