Deity TC-SL1 Digital Wireless Smart Slate: Hnads On (IBC 2022) Digital Clapperboard with advanced features

During IBC 2022 we had a chance to talk to Andrew Jones from Deity about its upcoming Deity TC-SL1 digital wireless smart slate and its advanced features, a product the company is developing and should reach the market in a few weeks.

Deity TC-SL1 Digital Wireless Smart Slate

Clapperboards have been part of the movie industry for many decades. Digital clapperboards are a more recent invention meant to allow timecode sync on set in a simple way, however, they come with a pretty hefty price tag (well over $1000 compared to around $100 or less for a decent quality “analog” Clapperboard).

The Deity Microphones TC-SL1 is an interesting smart slate unit, it is Bluetooth-enabled and has a wireless timecode generator, and includes a dimmable, backlit dry-erase surface. According to Jones, since the first demo of this unit in NAB earlier this year Deity was hard at work improving the visibility of the dry-erase surface to prevent glare and we have been shown an improved version in IBC.

Deity Microphones TC-SL1-smart slate / Clapperboard

Deity Microphones TC-SL1 slate

The smart slate has a built-in high-quality timecode generator that boasts a very low drift rate of only one frame every 72 hours and has a Bluetooth 5.0 range of up to 75m or 250 feet using the Sidus Audio app. The unit also has /4″ TRS and 5-pin LEMO timecode ports, which are compatible with most existing timecode cables.

For power, the unit comes with two NP-F550 rechargeable batteries (in yellow) which you can hot-swap, and the batteries inside the unit can also be charged via USB Type-C port (up to 25W charging).

Deity Microphones TC-SL1-battery-doors and USB-C charging port

Deity Microphones TC-SL1-battery-doors

More features of the Deity TC-SL1 include support for frame rates of 23.98, 24, 25, 29,97, 29.97DF, 30 fps (support for all SMPTE timecode formats), a back 1″ OLED display with onboard controls, and a menu for controlling the different functions of the slate, a bright LED Dot Matrix timecode display (flippable for tail slating). The unit will come with a carrying case.

Pricing and availability

When it comes to pricing and availability, Jones told us that Deity is planning to have the TC-SL1 ready around October 2022 and it is already available for pre-order for just under $1000.

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