Hands On: Tilta Sony L-Series to V-Mount Adapter Battery Plate use V-mount battery on (almost) any L-mount supported device

If you are looking for a way to increase the time you can run your monitors, lights, and other devices that support Sony style L-type batteries, Tilta just came out with an interesting solution that can be just what you are looking for, a simple adaptor that can connect to an l-mount base and use a V-mount battery which can hold significantly larger capacities and run for a much longer time, and there is even a small extra bonus (more on this in a moment).

Tilta Sony L-Series to V-Mount Adapter Design and Build

TheĀ Tilta Sony L-Series to V-Mount Adapter Battery Plate is made entirely of metal, is not heavy but it is a little bit thick which means that with the added V-mount battery your monitor, light, wireless transmitter, or most other similar units are going to be quite bulky and back have so this is something to keep in mind.

Working with the Adapter

The Adaptor has no buttons, dials, screens, or anything else apart from the release lock for the v-mount battery (also made from metal).

We tested the unit with several monitors and they all worked fine, a number of lights and transmitters, and aside from our aging Manfrotto Lykos light, it worked fine with all of them (the reason it didn’t work with the Manfrotto is that you need to push the battery forward and the Lykos battery plate is deep so if you have a unit which has a deep plate – that can be an issue – but this is something that needs to be tested per item).

The Tilta Adaptor (center) with a V-mount battery and an L-type battery

Other than that we didn’t see any issues with the adaptor and there is a bonus – if you have a dual plate v-mount holder like the Hawk-Woods dual v-mount plate that we use you can use the Tilta adaptor with it and hot-swap V-mount batteries and basically use a monitor/light/wireless transmitter as long as you like (or at least as long as you have batteries to swap), pretty cool.

Pricing for the Tilta Sony L-Series to V-Mount Adapter

You can buy the Tilta adaptor on B&H and at the moment it is selling for just under $50 which we consider a fair price for what it does.

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