Tilta Sony A1 Cage Solutions A look at Tilta's cage options for the Sony A1

Tilta recently announced a number of rigging solutions for the Sony A1 camera which makes this unique camera even more versatile as a video tool.

There are currently a handful of rigging options for the Sony A1 from SmallRig and Kondorblue, however, compared to other popular recent cameras options have been relatively limited. We will mention here that we are still waiting for our own A1 and it seems to be a global shortage of this camera.

Different rigging options for the A1

Unlike other manufacturers who so far created a single solution (typically a full cage), Tilta decided to create an entire lineup that will give A1 users different options ranging from half cage up to a full Pro Kit.

Let’s take a look at the 4 main products announced by Tilta for the A1:

  • Half Camera Cage for Sony A1 -The half cage provides protection from the bottom, right side, and some of the top part) but keeps a low weight. It has 1/4″ 20 with locating pins and 3/8″ 16 threads, cold shoe as well as rod attachment ports and Bottom Manfrotto style plate.

The Tilta A1 half cage

Tilta-A1 half cage-TA-T23-HCC

  • Full Camera Cage for Sony A1 – This cage is the more traditional full cage for the A1 (and a few other Sony cameras), however, it has quite a few features including several 3/8″-16 and 1/4”-20 threads with locating pins, cold shoe, and NATO rail for Tilta’s Type IV and VI Side Handles. It also has an ARRI Compatible Rosette Connection, Bottom Plate with dual 1/4″ 20 threads (Manfrotto compatible), and more.The Tilta Full cage
  • Tiltaing Sony A1 Basic Kit – Tilta’s basic kit for the A1 includes the full cage mentioned above, a handle with a release mechanism, cable clamp, and HDMI short adapter.

The Tilta A1 basic cage kit

  • Tiltaing Sony A1 Pro Kit – This is the most comprehensive solution of the four and it includes the full cage, handle, cable clamp, and HDMI cable adapter of the basic kit plus left-side power handle with attachment, two rods, and a cable to allow for start/stop function from the handle.

The Tiltaing Sony A1 Pro Kit


All cages and kits are already available from the Tilta website for the following prices:

  • Half Camera Cage for Sony A1 – $40.
  • Full Camera Cage for Sony A1 – $76.
  • Tiltaing Sony A1 Basic Kit – $134.
  • Tiltaing Sony a1 Pro Kit – $391.

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