Kamerar Introduces a new Slider Dolly Combo

Houston based manufacturer Kamerar recently introduced three new Mark II Sliders. The S-23, S-47 Mark II Video Sliders, and SD-1 Mark II Slider Dolly. All new sliders now have four ball bearing rollers with adjustable roller bearings on a frictionless polymer coating, offering a smooth slide.

The 3 new unit also offer a bottom plate tat is Arca-Swiss compatible as well as two new balance weight connections on each side of the slider, so you are able to add weights or create a pulley system to offer a smoother slide (in the video you can actually see how you can connect a cable for creating mini-jib like shots – which is pretty cool).

The 3 sliders come in 2 sizes the smaller ones are 24 inches long (around 60 cm) and the longer one is 47 inches long (or around 120 cm). The SD-1 is unique as it features removable legs with 4 smooth bearing dolly wheels so it functions as both a dolly and a slider. All sliders have  a 1/4″ & 3/8″ Screw adapter to mount a camera or head onto the sliding plate. There is also a stop break so you can have the sliding plate fixed while adjusting your camera.

The SD-1 Mark II Slider Dolly


Pricing is also a very important factor. Recently slider pricing has been going way way down and the 3 new Kamerar are priced very competitively indeed. The smaller S-23 Video Camera 23″ Slider Mark II cost $155, the same sized  SD-1 with the dolly capabilities cost $175 and the larger S-47 Video Camera 47″ Slider Mark II also cost $175.

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Iddo Genuth
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