Trexo-Wheels – The Smart Tabletop Robotic Dolly Next generation tabletop dolly that can work even without the app

Tabeltop dollys are nothing new and even motorized ones have been around for quite a few years. Now comes a more advanced version from the Turkish manufacturer Trexo innovation which is looking to add image processing technology into the mix to allow the user to make

If you are looking for a way to spice up your product videos or shot circular shots around a product the Trexo-Wheels looks like an interesting proposition. Unlike simple tabletop dollys it is motorized but it doesn’t just go in a straight or curved line, you can control it, and at least based on the video and information provided by Trexo innovation, this should be pretty simple even without an app.

Trexo-Wheels – foldable design

If you do want more advanced movements but in essence, you can use the Trexo Wheels to perform linear and circular movements without using a mobile device, just use the unit to route where you want to go and do and whether or not to repeat and let it do its thing. It has a small screen and buttons so you can easily control the unit directly.

Smart algorithms help with planning movement

The most obvious competitor is the Edelkrone’s DollyONE (which currently sells for twice the asking price) and requires an app. On the Trexo you will be able to use the app to take a picture of the table or floor and generate custom paths based on the objects around. For this, you will have to use a small metal piece called the launch pad and place it at the start of the path (this is the machine vision part of this unit).

The unit is compact (and foldable), it has a 12-hour built-in battery which charges via USB-C and the package also includes a turntable option.

If you are into timelapses you can connect your camera to the unit and it can shoot the timelapse for you via the Android app. The unit can carry either a smartphone or a camera up to 2.7kg/5.9lbs.

Turntable mode

The Trexo-Wheels is currently raising funding on Kickstarter and is selling starting at $350 (the retail price will officially be $700) and the first units should be available around December 2020.

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