LaCie Introduces the Rugged RAID Pro

Just before NAB 2018 LaCie introduced a second generation Rugged RAID portable storage device called the LaCie Rugged RAID Pro.

The new drive looks very similar to the original Rugged RAID that we reviewed here a couple of years ago. However, it does bring a few interesting changes.

The front of the LaCie Rugged RAID Pro – built-in SD card reader

Here is a list of the Rugged RAID Pro features including similarities and differences compared to the older Rugged RAID:

  • 4TB RAID 0 (or 2TB in RAID 1) – similar to the original model.
  • 240MB/S official transfer speed – again similar to the original model.
  • USB-C cable supplied but not attached to the unit (the original had a TB2 cable connected to the unit plus a USB 3.0; the new version comes with two cables – USB-C to USB-C and USB C to USB A).
  • Powering the unit depends on the connection – you will need a USB-C equipped computer to power the drive (the original could be powered via TB2), alternatively, you will need to connect the unit to USB-3.0 and an AC using a supplied power unit (again like the original).
  • The Rugged RAID Pro has a built-in SD card reader so you won’t have to carry one with you if your laptop doesn’t come with one (however it won’t be able to work unless the drive is connected to a computer – this isn’t a standalone unit like the LaCie DJI Copilot unit).

As for pricing, this unit will ship for $350 (although no specific release date was set at the time of writing this).

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