ECLLPSE – SSD Thumb-Drive Hybrid One device for all your portable storage needs

Although SSDs are becoming smaller and smaller (check some of our recent reviews) most existing form factors are not necessarily very convenient. ECLLPSE is a new Indiegogo project for an affordable compact heavy-duty SSD with OTG file manager system for backing up files from different types of devices.

ECLLPSE only weighs in at 19 grams (0.67oz) and is fairly small at 8cm/2cm/1.5cm (3.3′” x 0.8″ x0.5″) and comes in 512GB/1TB or 2TB versions. It comes with Silicon Motion SM2258H controllers combined with Sandisk / Toshiba BiC 64 bit 3D TLC flash for fast reliable storage and transfer of data (the official read and write speed is rated at 550MB/s) via USB 3.1 Gen 2 interface. It is also durable with IP67 waterproof protection and a keychain if you want to carry it with you.

The ECLLPSE and its features

The ECLLPSE and its features


One of the most interesting features of this unit is the OTG aspect. The developers claim that you can connect, backup, and transfer information from any PC/MAC. iPhone, iPad or Android device, or even a camera (although we are not exactly sure how this works at this point). You can also use it to create a Windows To Go (basically a mobile install of windows to be used on any computer).

On the market, there are several cameras that can utilize an external drive for storage like the Sigma FP although in the past we discovered that for RAW footage it will need very high speeds so we are not sure if the ECLLPSE is quite fast enough for that application.

Different uses (including connecting to a camera)

ECLLPSE different uses

In the BoX

The ECLLPSE comes with a USB-A or Lightning adaptor (the unit itself has a USB-C connector) as well as a hand strap and a USB-C short extension cord.

Pricing and availability

As for pricing, the 512GB sells for $79, the 1TB goes for $119, and the 2TB for $229 which is pretty competitive with what other SSD drives are currently sold for. The product is scheduled to be ready for shipping in April 2021.

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