LED Lighting Guide & Aputure LS1s LED Light Panel Review

The guys from Indie Tips came out with this interesting LED light guide for video shooting and filmaking on a budget. They cover some basic LED concepts and differences from more traditional lights and look at several relatively low cost options.

LED lighting are becoming increasingly popular in recent years and are now a common alternative to tungsten lighting in many applications., This tutorial look at some of the main differences there are between them, some examples of cheap LED models, and a somewhat deeper look at the new Aputure Lightstorm LS1s LED Light Panel.

Here are the lights which are mentioned in this video:

  • HDV-Z96 96 LED Light Kit – from F&V (it actually cost about $83).
  • Yongnuo 160 which sells for only $52.

As for the Aputure LS1s LED Light Panel, photographer Curtis Judd recently did a full review on this interesting light which you can watch below:



The Aputure LS1s LED is obviustly much more capable and much more powerful – being able to replace a 1K light – it also more expensive at just under $700.

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