LensVid DIY: The Ultimate Guide to Photo / Video Adapters

Today we are going to do something a little bit different. We are going to do a quick pause from our usual reviews and take a look at some of the small photo and video adaptors that we have been using here on LensVid.

Before we go over some of our adaptors here is a quick into plus a few words about why do we think this is important at all to photographers of all types.

If you are completely new to the world of photo/video adapters you need to know that although there are many different kinds of adaptors (as you will see in our video above), there are actually very few basic connectors and two which are the most common and well know.

The first – and by far the most common and well know one is the 1/4″ 20. Yes, that is the threaded type of screw that you can find on many tripod heads and quick releases (male version) as well as the bottom of more or less any camera in existence (with very few exceptions).

The name if you were wondering has to do with the size (width) of the screw (which is very close to 1/4 inch) and the number of threads per inch the screw has (20). More on that – here.

The second most common is the somewhat thicker 3/8″ 16 screw – which is quite common at the bottom of a lot of tripods and heads (basically the part that connects the upper part of the legs to the head on many types of tripods) as well has some other usually heavier equipment.

While these are the two most common connectors, there are others. Maybe the third most common is 5/8″ 27 – which are used mostly for sound (they are common connectors for microphone stands).

There are other adapter types – mostly in the lighting section (for example a non threaded 5/8″ studs and mini studs) but for this article we shall stick with threaded adaptors only.

Before we take a look at the list of adapters that we have been using you might be asking yourself why should you care? well, we discovered that when you start using accessories – lights, some modifiers, different clamping accessories, monitors, sound gear etc. you will quickly find yourself trying to connect one type of connector to another (male 1/4″ 20 to a female 3/8″ 16 or the other way around for example), you might want a way to connect accessories to a hot or cold shoe, light stands, and more – for all these and of course many DIY projects you might end up doing – you will need adapters – and the worst thing is to need a simple adapter that you just don’t have – this is why we try to make sure that we are good for more or less every combination of connectors that we might be using – hence, the long list you see below.

Our adaptors

The following are all the adapters that we are currently using with purchase links, images and prices.




















Bonus: Magic Ball Head+1/4-3/8″Adapter Screw for Camera Holder – under $14.


We recently published a very useful DIY video looking at some cool ways to add a tripod mount (1/4″ 20) to more or less anything – this can give you some ideas about how to use some of the adapters you have seen on this video.

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