Libec HFMP Free Standing Monopod First Look

Japanese manufacturer Libec published pricing and availability for its innovative Free Standing Monopod system called HFMP announced last year.

There aren’t a lot of free standing monopods around (Sirui has one which we played with in Photokina and looked interesting, Manfrotto new line of monopods might hold a camera if you are not holding the monopod but the company mentioned that it does not consider it a fully free standing monopod).

In the video above you can see how the system works. The most striking feature is the lock/release foot system which lets you change between hands free and free movement. According to Libec the monopod has smooth panoramic rotation of the main poll with a special built-in lubricated ball joint system. The monopod also has oversized legs which open and close very quickly.

The Libec HFMP leg mechanism


Unlike other video heads included with monopod kits, the head in the HFMP unit has tilt and pan functions, and has a dual head structure (flat base/65mm bowl), making the head compatible with 65mm bowl/flat base tripods, monopods, sliders, skater dollies, and other equipment with 3/8 inch screws (personally we are not sure how secure we would feel placing a heavy slider on one of these things but it is always nice to have options).

If you were wondering the long plate of the fluid head in the kit is said to be compatible with both Manfrotto and Sachtler heads as well so you can move quickly if you need.

In therms of max height the  HFMP reaches almost 169c,/69” (without the head) or 73cm/29″ when folded. It can carry up to 4kg payload / 8.8 pounds.

The HFMP is made out of aluminium and weighs 1.8kg / 4.0lb (or 2.7kg / 5.9lb with the kit head). As for pricing we are talking about a pretty affordable unit at $200 for the monopod or $340 for the full kit (with a bag).

A quick hands on by our friends from cinema5d from IBC 2016 with the Libec HFMP


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