A Look at the Hive Lighting Wasp 100-C

Cine Gear 2017 is here (as if NAB 2017 didn’t bring us enough new video gear not too long ago) and it has some interesting products for you. The one we look at today curtesy of newsshooters.com is the Hive Lighting Wasp 100-C.

Last year Hive came up with a Kickstarter project which was very successful raising over $440,000 for a multi color LED called the Wasp 100-C.

The Wasp 100-C is a very interesting light. Hive claims it offers the best of RGB and bi-color lighting combo available using 5 color LEDs that can be combined to create almost any color of light. You can make fully saturated colors – this can replace gels and is pretty similar to what the Arri skypanel does but at a much lower price point (it is of course far less powerful).

Another big advantage of the Wasp 100-C is its compatibly with lots of accessories as the the mount on the front of the unit is compatible with everything from Chimera and Elinchrome as well as some other options so it is extremely versatile.

Here are some of the features of the Wasp 100-C:

  • 100-240 VAC input via power supply
  • 12 – 28 VDC  input via 4-Pin XLR
  • 98 CRI / 97 TLCI
  • Omni-Color LED (1650K – 8000K)
  • 360 degree Hue controls, 0-100% Saturation
  • 0 – 100% Dimming Control
  • Manual, DMX, Smartphone Control
  • 5 Lbs \
  • 6″ Length x 4″ Diameter body
  • 5″ Reflector face


  • Wasp 100-C™ Head Unit with 22° Reflector
  • Wasp 100-C™ Power Supply 100-240 VAC
  • HDP Lenses: Spot, Medium, Wide, and Super Wide
  • 5 inch 4-Leaf Barn Doors

As for pricing – you can get the light on Amazon for just over $1050.

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