How to Make a Huge DIY LED “Ring” Light

On this video (part of Building and Using DIY Lighting Gear class on CreativeLive), photographer Kevin Kubota looks at creating a (square) ring light from relatively inexpensive materials and using it for portraits.

According to Kubota, a ring light doesn’t have to be perfectly round to give the same great effect as a round ring light. All the pats Kubota uses on this video can be easily purchased on your local hardware store and the entire assemble should not take you more than an hour (even if you are not super quick).

We have covered different types of DIY lighting including a video with several DIY tips, one of them shows how to create around tube ring light for portrait photography, one with Ryan Connolly on creating a Simple DIY Ring Light, and a more complex large DIY ringlight created by  Tony and Chelsea Northrup .

You can also check out many more interesting DIY photography projects here on LensVid.

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