Manfrotto XPRO Geared 3 Way Head Review

Illinois based photographer Ben Schmanke posted last month a quick review and first impression of the new low cost Manfrotto XPRO Geared 3 Way Head – here are his thoughts.

The Manfrotto XPRO Geared 3 Way Head has two types of movements – a fine movement which you can use by turning each knob and a free movement if you squeeze each handle. This gives you both speed and accuracy which is lacking from many 3 way heads (a typical ball head will give you fast speed but very low accuracy in terms of fine movements without sacrificing the setting on all 3 axis).

The Manfrotto XPRO Geared 3 Way Head does seem to have some limitations and drawbacks according to Schmanke. It does return to the original position after using one of the handles and the backwards movement is limited, it is also made mainly out of plastic and not metal (although the inner mechanics, is made out of metal). That said the general build quality and functionality seems decent for a low budget 3-WAY head from a known manufacturer.

The head has a weight of 0,75 kg (1.65 lbs), can carry up to 4 kg (8.8 lb) and has 3 levelling baubles and the unit cost just under $200.

Earlier this year Manfrotto introduced a more advance member of this 3-way head family with double the carrying capacity and aluminium structure – we have covered it here.

You can find many more previews and reviews on our Photography review section here on LensVid.


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