Mikme Pocket – Wireless Lavalier Microphone, Recorder, USB Mic

Austrian company Mikme recently announced a Kickstarter campaign for a new smart lavalier/recorder with a number of advanced wireless capabilities. Our colleague photographer and videographer Curtis Judd, had a chance to test an early unit and he came back pretty impressed.

Mikme was founded in 2014 by Philipp Sonnleitner, a former product manager at AKG and the Mikme Pocket is their second crowed funded campaign and it already passed its initial goal.

Like other body pack recorders (think Tascam DR-10L) the Mikme Pocket is a small recorder that you slap on your talent and comes with a lav mic (there are two versions to choose from and you can also use any other mini XLR mic if you like). It has a large 16GB internal memory as well as a battery that can last for about 3 hours and can power/charge via USB).

Mikme Pocket – small, wireless and smart


But the real interesting part is how it can connect to an app on an iPhone (Android should be coming as well) and you can control and monitor the levels as well as keep a lower quality backup of the sound on your smartphone. You can also use it together with a smartphone and it can sync to your recorded video on its own which is a really nice feature if you are a streamer who needs better quality audio (it could have been nice if there was a way to do this with cameras as well.

Mikme Pocket features  – here is a list:

  • One button for quick recording.
  • 16GB built-in memory.
  • Recording in up to 24Bit/44.1kHz 96kHz.
  • Adjustable Microphone Gain: 0 to -30 dB
  • mini XLR connector (comes with a lav mic but can be used with any mini-XLR mic).
  • software-based and patented Quality of Service wireless audio transmission (can transmit live to an iPhone and sync when recording video on the phone; Android app is coming later on).
  • You can monitor the sound from the Mikme Pocket or wirelessly from the smartphone.
  • Bluetooth 2.1 with Mikme WirelessLink

As for pricing, on the early bird Kickstarter price is set to $279, for a Mikme Pocket, a Mikme clip-on Mic, and a 12-month subscription to the Pro version of the mobile app (later on this will cost about $9 mind you).

You can check out more of Judd’s videos which focus mostly on audio and video here on LensVid, finally, if you are into sound recording for video productions check out this link which covers both equipment and techniques here on LensVid.

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