Bebob Micro V-Mount/Gold Mount Batteries

On this review, our colleague, photographer, and videographer Curtis Judd, take a look at some of the V-Mount/Gold Mount and Anton Bauer style batteries manufactured by the German company Bebob.

We have been reviewing V-mount batteries for some time now here on LensVid. We have looked at the small Hawk-Woods V-Mount mini batteries as well as the Swit Compact V-Mount Batteries (which fairly recently got a new version which is even smaller).

The miniaturization trend in the professional video batteries continues and Bebob has its own lines of mini batteries and accessories. In their Micro line, the company has three different capacities – the 45Wh, the 98Wh, and the 150Wh varients. The first two are fine to take on more or less any flight while the larger 150Wh should be fine on most airlines (but better check before you board).

Both the 45Wh and 98Wh have provided 10A and have a unique twist D-TAP and USB connectors. The more powerful 150Wh provides up to 16A and twist D-TAP +USB (all 3 batteries are 14.4V). It is a shame that  Bebob didn’t integrate dual D-tap or Daul USB at least on the more powerful units.

Besides the batteries, Bebob also sells a range of chargers and plates including dual plates that can allow the user to hot-swap batteries which can be very useful for operating cameras and lights for a long time.

Pricing is competitive with other high-end brand names in the industry (remember, this is a german product with cells made in Japan) and they range between $245 to around $400.

Update: we have done our own review of the V-mount Bebob batteries which you can check out here.

You can check out more of Judd’s videos which focus mostly on audio and video here on LensVid,

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