SYNCO G3 Wireless Microphone System Hands On (IBC 2022) New wireless system design by SYNCO

During IBC 2022 we have seen countless wireless mic system designs from many companies that have never had audio solutions before. One company that has been focusing specifically on audio solutions is SYNCO and after the success of their G2 wireless system, we got a sneak peek into their upcoming product – the SYNCO G3 which has a very different design.


The SYNCO G2 has a form factor and general design which is very similar to some of the leading budget wireless mic systems around like the Rode Wireless Go 2 and the DJI Mic system (with a wireless mic unit size that is somewhere between the two).

The new SYNCO G3

Synco G3

For its upcoming G3 system though SYNCO went in a completely new direction with its design. The G3 has a fairly wide receiver with a large color screen on the top with controlling buttons and connected to it you have two removable transmitters/wireless mic units which are very small and thin.

Synco G3 with a built-in mixer

Synco G3-mixer

The unit was not yet announced during IBC (although we now can find some listing of it on aliexpress) so the details we have here might change (we also approached SYNCO and are waiting for some official info on the G3).

Charging from the receiver

Synco G3-charge

Apparently, the G3 will have an official range of up to 250m, 48KHz recording, built-in audio mixer, separate control over each mic from the receiver, internal memory (up to 44 Hours of recording), and a battery with up to 15 hours (it is not clear if this info is for the transmitters, receiver or both and you can see 13 hours listed in the picture above).

Noise-canceling technology in the mics

Synco G3-mems-mic

From the looks of it, the mic units connect and charge through the receiver unit. You also have an option to connect headphones to the receiver and a lav mic to the transmitters. The G3 should work well with both cameras and smartphones.

Advanced control from the receiver

Synco G3-monitor


Talking to SYNCO after the show we got the official specs for the G3 which you can see below. Please note that the runtime of each transmitter/mic is only 2 hours while the receiver/control unit is 13 hours (and it can charge the mics when connected.

SYNCO G3 full specs

Synco G3-specs

Pricing and availability

The G3 is still not officially available (and does not appear on the SYNCO website) but as we have mentioned we already saw some offerings with a price of $200 (it comes in white or grey).

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