NANOHA 5X Super Macro – The Amazing World of Tiny Things

Super macro lies behind the realm of “conventional macro” photography with its 1:1 magnification ratio. This video was shot by Seb Farges who tried to show how regular objects look when magnified 5X using the unique NANOHA 5X Super Macro lens.

We had our own chance to play with the NANOHA 5X Super Macro lens a year ago and found a completely new world of tiny object which look nothing like the way we use to see them with the naked eye. You can read our full review of the NANOHA 5X on MegaPixel. The NANOHA 5X Super Macro is currently being sold on B&H for just under $500 for both M43, Sony E-mount and most recently Canon EF-M mount.

An image of a green beetle captured using the NANOHA 5X (Credit: Iddo Genuth)

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