Photokina 2016 – Panasonic Booth – a Look at the GH5, G80, FZ2000 and LX15

Today we are proud to begin our official video coverage of Photokina (yes the show was closed a few days ago but we returned with more than 100GB of videos to edit which will take us some time to edit). The first videos we shot in the show came from the Panasonic booth which revealed several new products – and we dedicated a short video to each of them.

In the video above we talked to Mark Baber from Panasonic U.K. about the very early announcement Panasonic made about the GH5 (very little info was given about this camera at Photokina – and trust us we did ask), Basically the mock up behind glass was not operational and shows the general look of the camera which will be relatively similar to the GH4 but include 4K at 60p with the option to pull high res images from this stream of video.

The second video with Baberwe look at the mid range G80 (a sort of a new smaller sister to the GH4 with some new features) – see below

The third and forth videos take a look at two 1″ sensor cameras with non removable lenses (unlike the GH5 and G80 which are both mirrorless cameras).

The first is the FZ2000 – a large sensor super zoom camera with some advanced features which replaces the FZ1000.

Finally we take a look at the LX7 replacement – the LX15 and Baber gives us at the second part of the video a look at some of the more advanced features of the camera

Some prices and availability:

These videos are just the very first among over 20 videos and interviews that we took during the show (many more to come in the next days and weeks) and you can find them on our special channel on Youtube and on this link on LensVid.

Special thanks to our sponsors for Photokina 2016 – Manfrotto.

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