A Look at Wall Mount Light and Mic Brackets

On this video by the basic filmmaker takes a look at an interesting set of Neewer triangle wall mounting boom arm and what you can do with it.

If you are working in a permanent location (a studio or even a home studio) having to use light stands or C-stands to hold a light or a mic can be a problem as they occupy floor space, you can run into them and they can be in the way.

Finding a convenient way to hang lights mics and even cameras from the wall or the ceiling can really help you gain more space in your studio, make your work more consistent (the lights and mic are always in the same place) and even prevent wire clatter (if you find a good way to connect those power cables to your light without having them run on the floor).

Neewer has an interesting solution which seems to be very well built and can be very useful in some situations – it is called the “Triangle Wall Mounting Boom Arm”, it is adjustable and can extend up to 49.2 inches/125 cm and can be rotated 180 degrees and you can adjust its angle and height synchronously.

In the video “the basic filmmaker” hang the brackets on drywall (you will need to get special screws if you have that) but hanging them on a concrete wall should give you a much stronger “hold” (they do come with concrete screws).

We will be looking at other bracketing solutions in the not too distant future (and continue our ongoing quest for the ultimate overhead camera/lighting/recording rig).

You can get the Neewer Triangle Wall Mounting Boom Arm on Amazon for $49.

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Iddo Genuth
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