REVORING – No more Step Up Rings H&Y reinvent the step up ring

If you have several lenses there is a good chance that you had to deal with step-up rings and the more filter sizes you have on your lenses the more you need a different step-up ring for your filters. Although they might not be very expensive dealing with them can be a pain and so H&Y decided to solve this problem by developing a step-up filter system called REVORING that can connect to different size lenses (with threads) and save you the hassle of having multiple step-up rings for different size lenses and filters.

On the video above videographer, Philip Bloom talks about his experience with the REVORING – a very simple yet ingenious unit which comes in 3 sizes (37 – 49mm filter thread with 52mm screw-in filter thread for filters, 46 – 62mm filter thread, with 67mm screw-in filter thread for filters and the 67 – 82mm filter thread, with an 82mm filter. A stretch goal for their project is 82 – 95mm filter threads with a 95mm filter connection).

The filter latches onto the filter thread of the lens using a simple yet innovative iris design allowing you to connect it to any size (within the compatibility range of the adaptor listed above) and mount a somewhat larger filter in the front. You can also get this adaptor with a H&Y own filter which uses high-quality German Schott B270 glass with anti-fingerprint & waterproof Nano-Coating Technology. The filter is a combination of a 10 stop VND and CPL with a hard stop at the MAX point.

Kai W with a demo of the REVORING in action

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As for pricing, H&Y decided to use crowdfunding for the launch of REVORING and launched a Kickstarter campaign

which start at $23 for the smallest REVORING and goes up to $149 for the largest REVORING adapter and VND-CP filter set.

Nino from cinema5D on the REVORING – the Variable Step Ring Adapter

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