4 in 1: Little Accessories You Really Need (Part 2) Four more accesories you might want to consider

Today we are taking a look at another set of 4 little products that we have been using here on LensVid that we think you might want to try as well (you can see part 1 in this series here).

H&Y RevoRing Variable Adapter

If you are like us and have a number of different lenses with different filter threads, and several filters you work with, you know the horror that is step-up rings.

We have a huge stack of step-up rings of all sizes, but it’s a pain to carry them everywhere and find the right one every time, especially if you keep switching lenses and filters.

H&Y, which is a Chinese brand focusing on filters, came up with an interesting solution to this problem called RevoRing which raised over half a million dollars last year on Kickstarter (we were one of those who ordered the RevoRing early on).

The RevoRing is simple but ingenious. It fits a specific popular filter size in the front (52mm/67mm/77mm/82mm or 95mm depending on the RevoRing you buy), while the back of it is adjustable to connect to different size filter threads on a lens (38-49mm, 46-62mm, 52-72mm, 67-82mm, 82-95mm).

The RevoRing is basically a variable size step-up ring. It uses an iris-style mechanism to adopt one side of the ring to the size of the lens; the filter size, on the other hand, is fixed. It would be amazing if the filter size had its own iris, but maybe this would make the adapter too thick, which is not ideal.

While the RevoRing is more expensive than most step-up rings, it can save you space in your bag and a ton of hassle finding the right adapter. Prices range from $35-$45 for a single adapter, and you can buy a set of 3 for $110.

Three of the RevoRings sizes

Three of the RevoRings sizes


The second product on this list is a fantastic tool that helped us get out of so many difficult situations. This set of 6-inch pliers was designed to remove stripped, rusted, corroded, and stuck screws, nuts, and bolts.

However, we discovered that it is also great for extracting all those stuck ¼” 20 to 3/8” 16 adapters that we use all the time, without damaging the fine grooves. It can do this easily, since it has both horizontal and vertical teeth, and it can be a lifesaver on set if you got an important adapter stuck on a device that you are using.

The VAMPLIERS 6.25″ sells for $30 on Amazon, we bought two and might add another one to our camera bag, so we have one around at all times. You can also buy a set of three VAMPLIERS  in sizes (5”, 6” and 8”) for just over a $100.

The VAMPLIERS  – a lifesaver

The VAMPLIERS  - a life saver

PZRT 3pcs 1/4 Inch Stainless Steel Foot Screw (spikes)

We recently covered the Gitzo Légende tripod, and although we liked it, just like we like many of the company’s other travel tripods that we own, they all are missing one thing — and that is spikes.

If you work in the field and need your tripod to be more secure, spikes are important. However for whatever reason, Gitzo doesn’t sell their high-end tripods with spikes, but they also don’t sell the spikes separately (like they do for some of their bigger tripods).

We did find a workaround in the form of this inexpensive set of ¼” 20 spikes. While they are not very long, they seem to fit just fine and are better than no spikes at all.

Pricing is $10 on Amazon so you can buy an extra set just in case these get lost.

Inexpensive 1/4″ 20 spikes

Inexpensive 1/4" 20 spikes

SMALLRIG Mini V-Lock Assembly Kit (MD2801)

We are always on the hunt for compact ways of attaching accessories to our various rigs. We especially love to use compact v-mount batteries for their high-power capacity, d-tap, and USB connections.

Finding a small discrete way of mounting these batteries is not always simple, but the mini v-lock kit by SmallRig seems to do the trick. To attach this v-mount plate, there are integrated  ¼” 20 screws, as well as 4 extra threads that you can use. This tiny mount fits our Sony A6500 cage nicely, and can probably fit other accessories equally well.

Pricing for the SMALLRIG Mini V-Lock is $22 on Amazon.

Tiny V-mount base

Tiny V-mount base

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