RØDELink Digital Wireless Audio System Preview

Earlier today RODE introduced several new products including a new professional level wireless audio system with some advanced features and a relatively affordable price tag.

The RØDELink Digital Wireless Audio System uses what the company calls – “next-generation 2.4GHz, 128-bit encrypted digital transmission” which is sent on two channels simultaneously, providing a high-resolution 24-bit/44.1k digital audio signal at a range of up to 100 meters (around 110 yards).

The system which will be available in April 2015 for the price of $400 will have the following features:

  • Transmitter and Receiver as well as a lavalier Mic (3.5mm) in the kit.
  • Series II 2.4 GHz Digital transmission (8000 different channel combination).
  • 128-Bit Encrypted Signal.
  • 24-Bit/44.1 kHz Lossless transmission.
  • 100m Range
  • One Touch Pairing & OLED display.
  • 3-Level Gain Control
  • powered by bot USB and AA batteries.

Besides the RØDELink Digital Wireless Audio System, Rode also announced 2 new shotgun microphones: the NTG4 and NTG4+. These new mics will be a step up from the popular NTG 1 and 2 shotguns, will have higher audio quality but similar size. The NTG4+ has a built in battery which can be charged using a USB.

More info on the NTG4 and NTG4+


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