How to Scan 1500 Slides with your DSLR in a few Hours!

If you got a lots and lots of old slides which you would like to scan yourself  and willing to do some DIY to achieve that photographer and producer Victor Kaijser from the Netherlands has a solution for you which will only cost you a few dollars but apparently work pretty well.

You will need besides your DSLR and a macro lens (Kaijser used a Canon 100mm macro), a remote with a timer, a macro rail for fine adjustment of the camera and of course a slides projector (all of which can be purchased on e-bay for a relatively low cost).

In the video Kaijser explains the process of creating the digital scanner which includes removing the lenses from the projector and adding a piece of translucent plastic to diffuse the light and setting up your camera correctly. He didn’t really explain exactly how he connected the lens to the projector but he did mention that he needed to turn all the images in post (there are many free software that can help you with that).

You can find many more DIY photography tips and tricks on the LensVid DIY section (as well as on our DIY gear section).

VIA: diyphotography.

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