Sennheiser HandMic Digital – a Pro Handheld IOS Mic

For IBC 2016 Sennheiser released a new member of its iOS supporting mics for use with photographers, journalists and bloggers/vloggers on the go looking for high quality mics they can connect directly to their mobile phone or tablet and record high quality audio on the go.

On this quick video Carl from ProAV TV in the U.K. talks to Tony from Sennheiser who discusses the HandMic Digital which is part of a collaboration with between Sennheiser and Apogee. The HandMic Digital connects via the Lightning port of an iPhone/iPad, using this digital connection can produce better audio quality than a device’s 3.5 mm TRRS connector. The Lightning connection allows the gain and processing to be handled by the external device instead of limited to iOS’s internal hardware audio processor and Sennheiser/Apogee take advantage of this fact.

There are currently several products which are part of this colaboration including a lav mic and this new handheld wired mic (both are very similar to the very good ones we tested on the AVX system a few months back).

When the product will reach the market it should be priced at around $250 (you can find more technical info on the sennheiser website). The version based on the ME-2 lav mic cost just under $200 and is available right now.

This is not the first time Sennheiser shows this unit – it was actually shown a few months ago but it is still not available for a couple of month – here is another video on the Sennheiser HandMic Digital with a bit more info

Later this week we shall bring you a quick retrospect based on our experience with the Sennheiser AVX wirless system which we shall also bring with us to Photokina next week so stay tuned for that.

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