Shot Assistant: The Must Have App for Camera Operators

On this video by Matt Workman from the cinematographydb he has a quick review of the Shot Assistant application developed for cinematographers by a cinematographer.

Steadicam operator by the name of Ruben Sluijter developed an interesting and useful app for cinematographers which uses the advanced motion sensors embedded in smartphones in order to present camera operators with information about how their camera orientation and movement.

Official feature list of the Shot Assistant:

  • Highly accurate level with multiple readouts.
  • Heading (absolute and relative display) and tilt indicators.
  • Built-in seismograph with high and low sensitivity setting, useful for hunting down the source of vibrations in shot.
  • Ranging tool to allow the operator to easily get back to a certain angle.
  • Clear visual feedback for all actions.
  • Various layouts, including a full screen level.
  • Absolute and relative horizon display, changes how the onscreen horizon rolls in relation to your device.
  • Calibration delay, gives 3 or 5 seconds to let everything settle before zeroing the app.
  • Simple to operate without even looking at your iOS device, just hit the screen at the right point in rehearsals and you’re set!

Currently the Shot Assistant is only available for iPhone users ($10), however Sluijter is currently working on an Android version.

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Iddo Genuth
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