Adobe’s Photoshop Camera Will make You the King of Instagram Adobe's new dynamic filter app for Android and iOS is here

Adobe announced yesterday a new app for both Android and iOS devices called Photoshop Camera. Although this is very different than the actual Photoshop software that you know on the PC or Mac (or even the tablet version) it is still an interesting and potentially useful application for mobile shooters who want to post lots of cool looking images quickly into social media.

On the video above Andrew from AppleInsider takes a first look at the new Photoshop Camera app and some of the things that it can do. This app is mostly about taking a photo and using Adobe’s artificial intelligence technology called Sensei (also used in Photoshop on the computer), make artistic and fun looking images with special filters and effects in real-time.

You can download the apps for both Android and iOS from the Adobe links on the app page on Adobe’s website. Please note that some devices do not seem to be compatible with the app (our Pixel 2 XL, for example, were listed as incompatible devices although they are up to date in terms of the Android version), also note that some users reported higher than expected battery drain. We can hope that these shortcomings will be addressed by Adobe which to date has been rather slow to push new apps out (especially Android versions).

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