Arri Trinity: the Super Camera Stabilizer Steadicam operator Ari Robbins talks to Potato Jet on the best stabilizer money can buy

Watching some Hollywood scenes in movies you might find yourself asking, how on earth did they manage to shoot this in a stable way in one continuous shot. We have seen that on our “Oner: Roger Deakins on Shooting 1917” coverage and today we will be looking at one aspect of the technology behind these scenes in the form of the super-advanced Arri Trinity.

So what is the Arri Trinity? You can think of it as a combination between the best Steadicam and a high-end gimbal that can operate professional high-end cinema cameras. What you get is the ability to perform extremely precise moves that otherwise would have been extremely difficult to perform or even impossible in certain situations.

On this video, Potato Jet got the chance to speak with one of the best Steadicam operators in the world, Ari Robbins who shared some interesting tips and did a demo with the Trinity. Robbins was responsible for the Steadicam work in many critically acclaimed movies including La La Land, American Ninja Warrior, Last Flag Flying and many more. (if you want to read a little about Robbins – check out this interview on the Tiffen website).

The Arri Trinity has been around for a few years now but being such a high-end device you can’t really see one out of high budget productions. It is also worth mentioning that as you can see in this interview, this is not the type of unit that you can just pick up and start using. There is a lot going on into controlling this type of Steadicam. In a way, you need to really learn how to control your body while holding the Trinity (it looks like doing a choreographic dance to us).

If you are considering getting an Arri Trinity be ready to shell an excess of $60K (not including the vest/arm/monitor etc.).

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