Side-by-Side Premium Accessory Case Review

Over the years we have tested here on LensVid numerous camera bags from different manufacturers, but today will be the first time that we are going to review an accessory case.

There are an endless number of these type of small cases that can help you store, in a more or less organized way: cables, memory cards, batteries and a verity of another useful photo, video and electronic accessories.

The one that we will be looking at today was designed by the Hong-Kong-based company Side-by-Side Gear and has run a very successful campaign last year raising over $170k on Kickstarter.

The Side-by-Side case has an oval design measuring just over 27 cm (10.5″) long and 10 cm (4″) wide and 5 cm (2″) deep but it is somewhat starchy so it can expend to accommodate thicker accessories that you might want to store inside.

The unit is made from strong polyester with a starchy nylon fiber on the inside (which is very soft to the touch). It has two outside large zippers which keep the gear inside the two compartments secure.

Lots of options – our first setup

The main compartment is divided into four sections with different sized elastic keepers as well as a mesh net with a zipper for all those tiny accessories that tend to get lost.

On the other side of the case you have a single semi-open compartment which can hold larger accessories and on the top, you have a handle which can be used to carry the case or secure it to your bag.

Our second setup

So what can you place inside this case? well, quite a bit as it turns out. Since we got two units we can show you two configurations, but of course, there are countless more according to your gear and your needs.

A premium travel cord organizer

The Side-by-Side case cost just under $40 which is certainly more than most no-name accessory cases that you can find on e-bay or even some of the electronics organizers found on Amazon, including some larger cases. The upsides are the materials and general high build quality of this case, plus the unique design which successfully squeezes in quite a lot of functionality in a relatively small case. We certainly can give this unit a thumbs up and we are looking forward to more designs like this from Side by Side in the future.

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