Sony A6500 Hands-On Review

On this video our friends and colleagues Chris Niccolls and Jordan Drake from the Camera Store looks at the new Sony A6500 and how it compares to the existing A6300 in both stills and video.

We have covered many of the issues that we have found on the A6300 (which we are currently still testing) during our interview with Sony in Photokina a few months ago. This was prior to the release of the A6500 which will start shipping soon around the world.

On this video Niccolls and Drake look at what changed with the A6500 – including the larger buffer, improved AF (which didn’t seems that different) the touch screen (which seems like a half backed implantation) and the image stabilization which seems to be fairly effective as well as the longer 4K shooting mode (which works but might not be that good for the life of your sensor).

There are still many things which did not change including the battery, the form factor and for the most part the button layout, the single SD card slot and lack of headphone jack and the LCD which can’t be viewed well in sunlight and can’t be turned 90 degree downwards.

All in all the A6500 is an interesting (although far from perfect) improvement over the A6300. You can get it starting next week for $1400.

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