Sony A99 Mark II Review – the Last SLT?

Our friends and colleagues Chris Niccolls and Jordan Drake from the Camera Store had a Sony A99 Mark II for quite some time now and earlier today they published an interesting review.

The A99 II is a powerhouse. On paper this is the most well spec’ed camera on the market (if you consider both stills and video, AF, and high res capabilities with fast shooting speed). However despite all of this, and this is something that Niccolls refers to thought this video time and time again (often in a pretty hilarious way), this camera doesn’t seem to attract the attention that it deserves.

Probably the main reason for that is not because this is a bad camera (it clearly isn’t) or even because of the price (it is not much more expensive than the A7RII and it has advantages over it in terms of shooting speed, ergonomics and AF) but for the most part because it seems that this might be the last A mount Sony camera. Yes, A-mount still has some fans and people who have a range of high quality A-mount lenses (and there are quite a few of those around) but with the introduction of the A9 recently, it seems more clear than ever that Sony sees the future of professional photography in mirrorless cameras.

One thing which you need to consider if you do want to buy an A99 MKII is that for some reason the video is restricted to shooting at f/3.5 which is a pretty big limitation if you want to use it for serious video work.

We had our own look at the A99 II last year in Photokina and did an interview with Yann Salmon-Legagneur – the General manager for product marketing in Sony Europe, talking about the A99 II and a few other things – which you can watch here.

You can buy the Sony A99 Mark II on Amazon for just under $3200.

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