Sony RX0 – Hands-on Review

A couple of months ago Sony introduced the RX0 – a tiny 1″ sensor camera that can work with other similar cameras and shoot from different angles. It can be used outdoors (it is pretty rugged and can even be submerged). The guys from Wex Photo Video in the U.K. took it for a spin and got back pretty pleased with its performance.

Sony does not see the RX0 as an action camera (although we do – to some extent at least), yes it doesn;t have an optical or even digital image stabilizer (shame) but compact gimbals are inexpensive these days – especially the smaller ones and in terms of size this thing is about the same size as a GoPro but has a much larger sensor and from the looks of it (at least from this video test) it can function up to about ISO 1600 more or less O.K.

There are still not too many users reviews online of the RX0, but from the ones that we could find there seem to be a few issues including hard to work with menus (Sony menus are a bit annoying that’s for sure) but more interestingly a user reporting crashes and overheating (is this an isolated case?). The RX0 is a small camera but with a 1080p limit overheating wasn’t something that we were expecting to be honest.

You can check out our original article about the RX0 including some more specs. This camera currently sells for just under $700.

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Iddo Genuth
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