Spiffy Gear Makes an Improved Lighting Bracelet 2'Gen lighting bracelet line from with interesting accessories

Earlier today Spiffy Gear announced a second-generation lighting bracelet line with a number of improvements and a few accessories.

Last year we reviewed the first generation of Spiffy Gear’s LUMEE Bi-Color and RGB Light bracelets and found them to be very affordable, compact, and useful lighting accessories that you can place in a large number of otherwise hard to fit places.

3 in 1 holder for the new lighting bracelets

The new 2020 version of this product, called KYU-6 look very much the same externally and like its previous version comes in Bi-color and RGB flavors but bring a number of important changes including:

• Extra brightness level (5 instead of 4)

• 5 effects brightness levels (instead of just one)

• New generation LEDs (CRI: 95+)

• Improved USB cap (still micro USB connection)

Spiffy Gear also introduced several new accessories including a magnetic panel for three bracelets (and a USB cable with three connectors to charge/power up to 3 units at the same time) as well as a cold-shoe mounting adapter.

Fits in hard to reach/tight spaces

As for pricing, the KYU-6 is still a very affordable lighting solution selling for under  $45 in either bi-colour or RGB variants. The triple-holder and triple charging cable are both $9.99 each.

RGB version with more options

We are waiting for our KYU-6 test units and we shall bring you our own review of this product as soon as we get them.

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