Strobes Buying Guide

If you are considering buying your first strobe or strobe system there are a few things to keep in mind and Dutch fashion and glamour photographer Frank Doorhof created a short video to help you with that.

The most basic advice is looking at a Strobe not as a single item but as a system and a long term investment. Its very similar to choosing a camera brand – you are not just choosing a camera, you are choosing a brand that you will invest in for the future (you might change the camera but you most likely keep the lenses, flashes and some of the other accessories for much longer). The same goes with strobes – when you choose a brand you are not only choosing a strobe but the whole system (including all the accessorizes and light modifiers which could stay with you for years to come).

As for the strobes themselves – as Doorhof explains it – you don’t always need a super powerful strobe (especially if you have a small studio), but you do need to keep in mind what you are planing on doing with the strobe – if you only shoot headshots or simple portraits even more basic strobes should be enough – but if you want to freeze motion – and especially fast motion (say a model jumping) you will need a strobe which has the ability to put out a lot of light in a short amount of time (typically higher end models).

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