Strobes vs. LEDs – What’s Best Light for Hybrid Photo & Video Shooters?

On this video Bohuš Blahut from Fotodiox looks at the advantages and disadvantages of using LEDs vs. strobes for both stills and video work.

Strobes are very useful powerful lights for stills, however for the most part they can’t be used for video work. Until recently LEDs were too weak to be used as main studio lights, however things are changing and now you can get single LEDs with some serious power that is very close to that of strobes. Of course if you are looking to shoot very fast movement and freeze action – strobes are still your best option but LEDs are becoming more and more popular as hybrid solutions for both stills and video shooters who are looking for the best of both worlds.

This video was made as part of a promotion effort for Fotodiox’s new LED100 – which is an interesting “strobe-like” LED with the following features:

  • Temprature: Daylight 5600k ± 300;
  • Color Index Rating – CRI 85;
  • Power – 7600 Lux/m Luminance
  • Dimmable Power Output 0-100%
  • Bayonet Mount for Light Modifiers – Bowens S-Type
  • Price – $250 on Amazon.

LED100 – Notice the large (and heavy) power unit which isn’t demonstrated in the video



Fotodiox – LED100 Questions Answered



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