SwatchMate – the Color Capturing Cube

As photographers we deal with colors all the time. But what if you had a tool that will allow you to easily take a color you see in real life and bring it into Photoshop? A team of developers from SwatchMate  – an Australian product development studio based out of Melbourne created just that, a small cube which can capture color accurately and send it to any mobile device as well as directly in Adobe Photoshop.

Color picker for the real world


What is this good for you ask? here are a few examples the developers came up with for photographers, designers, graphic artists, people in fashion design and basically anybody who has anything to do with colors and the digital world:

  • Bringing real-world color straight into Photoshop (using a plugin).
  • Matching color to paint brands (from the iPhone/Android app).
  • Color-grading photographs based on actual color readings.
  • Easy spot checks to ensure color consistency.
  • Helping fashion designers coordinate colorful textiles.
  • Ensuring that digital color assets pop when printed in the real world

The SwatchMate already completed a very successful funding campaign in Kickstarter in late December raising about $100k (twice as their goal) and now they are working twoards bringing the product to the market. The price (on Kickstarter) was about $80 per SwatchMate and you can now order from  the 2’nd bath which should be available this July on indiegogo.

One click and you got the color


Iddo Genuth
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