Swit S-2610 Flexible LED Review

In mid-2018 we received several products for review from Swit. The first was the mini V-mount battery that we really liked and still use and the second product that we will be testing today is the S-2610 flexible LED light.

This will be our second flexible LED that we have been testing here after the Intellytech FL-80 and it is interesting to see how the technology evolved (and actually keep evolving). The S-2610 is the middle out of a family of three flexible LEDs by Swit which currently includes the S-2620 50W light and the S2630 150W unit (our S-2610 is as you might have guessed a 100W unit).

Swit S-2610 light

The S-2610 has over 500 small LEDs and it is continuously adjustable from 3000K up to 5600K. From our testing, the actual color temperature of the light ranges between 5452K to 2938K and with the supplied diffuser it is just over 100K less.

The unit is very simple compared to some of the older generation units from other manufacturers. It made from only the waterproof flexible panel and the control box which is connected using a thick 4 pin cable (we would actually prefer a standard 3 pin XLR but this works fine as well).

The control box even has a V-mount connector on the back so you do not need to add one which makes the whole thing very compact. In our case, we are currently using it in our studio above our main work table with another layer of diffusion and we connected it directly to the wall using the supplied AC cable.

The S-2610 as an overhead light with extra diffusion in our studio

Although the design of the light and the control box is very good for the most part one thing which we would change is the X-bracket that comes with the unit. It is hard to mount and we came up with a much better mounting system using aluminum profiles.

X-bracket – we found a batter holding mechanism

One other thing that is missing is any sort of wireless control. There is no remote or application to control the light which are quite common among some of the competition, although there is a 2.4GHz antenna that can be attached to the control box that will enable the user to cascade several units wirelessly and control them from a single control box (nice, but far less usable than a single unit remote in our view). On the bright side, Swit does have a new Pocket Wireless DMX controller which can be used as a sort of remote and we are hoping to test it in the future.

Update: Swit told us that the Pocket Wireless DMX controller is not going to work with the S-2610 (which actually makes sense since it has no DMX connection. For some reason we assumed it did during the review. the Pocket Wireless DMX controller is still a very interesting unit regardless).

Now we move on to what is probably the most important part – performance. In terms of output, we measured using our Sekonic C700 unit and got 2870 lux from 1m @5600K and 2480 lux @3000K.

When it comes to color quality we tested both the average CRI (CRI Ra) measuring 96.2 @5600K and 97.7 @3000K. We have also tested the specific CRI of different colors and you can see the results here and on our full review on LensVid – we were very impressed by the R9 (or red) which is between 97 and 98 with only the R12 (or blues) at around 75-85 depending on the color temperature.

5600K – CRI results:

3200K – CRI results:

In conclusion, the S-2610 is a very impressive light. It is well built easy to transport and has a good output and fantastic color reproduction.

There are a few limitations which we have mentioned like the somewhat clumsy X-bracket and lack of included wireless control but otherwise, the pros of this unit seem to outweigh any of these drawbacks.

Finally, pricing, this unit currently sells for about $465 which is considered a sort of a mid-level price for a 100W flexible LED of this level and we can certainly recommend it.

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