Swit Showcase Small V-Mount Batteries and Wireless DMX (NAB 2018)

During NAB 2018 (which ended last week), Swit introduced a whole host of interesting new products including small V-mount batteries, Canon C300 & C200 batteries and even a special wireless DMX unit that should work with different type of DMX supported lights.

We have been really excited about the ultra-small Hawk Woods V-mount batteries. Great as they are, they are expensive. However, now more manufacturers seem to get on-board the mini-v-mount train and Swit is certainly one of them, bringing some interesting fetures on board as well with lower prices (although we are still waiting for specific prices). Here are the two new models, both have small displays that will give you the time left based on current power draw from a camera/light:

  • PBS-98  – 100W/8A  (size: 121 x 95 x 59), 2 D-tap + USB 2A
  • PBS-220  – 150W/12A (size: 121 x 95 x 96), 4 D-tap + USB 2A

Swit also showed the PC-U130 ultra-portable charger with dual D-tap and optional V/Gold mounts (a new version of their portable V-mount charger).

The new Swit battery for the Canon EOS C300 & C200 cameras is also pretty special – it allows the user to have a free D-tap which can be very useful for all sort of accessories.

Swit also demonstrated a very interesting wireless DMX remote as you can see in the video below:

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We will be talking to Swit and try and bring you specific prices for these models as well as possible hands-on reviews later on this year.

While NAB 2018 is over (see our full coverage of the show here) there are still lots more interesting stuff that we want to bring you from the show in the next few days and as always, if you don’t want to miss any new photography product be sure to check out our product photography section on our photo gear channel.

Iddo Genuth
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